Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

The warranty shall be liable only for defects which are due to manufacturing or material defects.

2 The warranty is valid for two years from date of purchase.

Manufacturing error should occur within this limited warranty period, the customer must report this immediately and before disassembling the product to the customer service of the dealer. The product should be returned to the manufacturer where it is tested. Before sending the product, the warranty request must be submitted to the manufacturer.

Transportation costs are charged to the customer .

The customer should enclose a brief description of the problem and the cash receipt as proof of warranty period.

4 The manufacturer's obligation is limited to the repair or replacement of the product. A refund of the purchase price is not possible without specific agreement with manufacturer.

Defective parts will be repaired or replaced with new parts from the manufacturer 

This limited warranty does not cover: Transport costs, maintenance costs of the product or installation , inspection or control of parts of the product for any reason whatsoever, within and outside the warranty period, shall be borne by the customer and never at the expense of the manufacturer.

This warranty does not apply interventions or modifications by unauthorized third parties or the end user, as well as improper or inadequate installation, it must be taken according to the installation instructions and use only as directed and use as described by the manufacturer .

Intentional or accidental damage , as described above, are not entitled to warranty.

7 There is no liability for :

a) installation , periodic inspection , maintenance, the costs for the installation of the repaired or replaced parts .

b ) The warranty does not cover wearing parts, such as Fuses, batteries , brushes, bulbs , etc.

c ) transportation costs, maintenance or installation, with respect to this product , for any reason whatsoever, including shipping back to the company , in or out of warranty are to be borne by the customer or selling dealer and never at the expense of the manufacturer.

d) misuse, improper installation , damage or malfunctions that are not due to product defects , damages that are due to external environmental influences of any kind , improper maintenance or repair , improper alteration to the product, with structural problems of pillars, gates , doors, etc.

e ) Damage caused by fire, humidity , water, natural phenomena , thunderstorms , lightning

Radio interference or interference from other electrical devices ; shorts due to a wrong power connection or power fluctuations on the network as well as all other cases beyond the control of the manufacturer.

The warranty is subject to compliance with the technical characteristics and correct , proper installation according to instructions .

Safety standards and proper application of Instruction manual are of fundamental importance .

The guarantee expires soon be demonstrated in the review of the product, manipulation or abuse.