1)    Check  compatibility  between radio remote and electronic board.
       12 bit coded  radio remote controls( ref. 6203) works with  CTR  generation electronic board while radio rolling code  radio remote controls( ref. 6203/ROL & 6204) works with  CTH  generation  electronic board

2)    Replace  the battery of remote controls with a new one ( even if the LED on your remote blinks, the energy could be not enough to trasit the radio code to the board)

3)    Delete the memory of  memorized codes from your electronic  board ( remember boards can storage max 10 codes) and re-memorize each of your remote controls. ( see your installation manual)

4)   Try to command your opener by  each of your remotes.
      4.a)  If this doesn't work at all with any of your remote controls  could mean that   the radio receiver  could be endamaged.
              Try to command your opener by a key switch or any  wired  remote control connected to the " START"  connectors on your board ( please check on your device instructions manuals).
              If the opener  works correctly by the wired remote control, it means the problem is on receiver only. you will need to  send your board to the  after sale center in order to get the receiver checked
              and  repaired in or out of warranty. You can also add an external 4 channels receiver to  solve the problem. Item 6040 ROLL
      4.b)  if only some of your radio remotes controls do not work, then you will need to send those remotes to the after sale service for checking and reparation.