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kompatibel mit den folgenden Modellen/Marke:


DUCATI HC812 ( 812/96-812/00-812/03- 812/300-812/400)

DUCATI HC818-819

DUCATI HC418 -HC312 -HC412

Alferd Schellenberg  60400 / 60401 

Alferd Schellenberg  60810

Chamberlain HC250-433  HC250  

Chamberlain  LIFTMASTER WGO 200-433 WGO300 


DOMOPASS 812    


This set allows you to update a pre-existing swing gate opener automation 12V and replace old systems equipped with electronic boards of the old generation: CTR27, CTR35, CTR42 with radio transmission of a 12-bit code and switch to the new generation featured with rolling code radio transmission.

This item is a complete set including 2 remote controls and value for money compared to purchasing individual components.
Compatible with all models of electromechanical piston 12V of following brands:

Ducati automazione, France domotique; Conformatique, Allducks; , DUCATI HOME, Schellenberg model 60810;
Protop professional, VIAL. menuiseries HC812.
Model 812 Chicago gate opener ( sold by harborfreigh-USA)

Schellenberg ( only model 60810);
Chamberlain only model HC250
Liftmaster only model WGO200

weight Kg: 2,5




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